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Michael in Tucson

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    July 27, 2013 8:21 AM PDT
    Yea....I know what you mean, but I ain't gonna lie.....makes one just want to a ish the whole idea and have at it like animals lol! I'd like to see what he looks like as ar as what you say. Curiosity may have killed the cat but his 9 lives just got reinstalled for a second round
  • MIT
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    July 28, 2013 11:34 PM PDT

    If he'd get naked and stand there I'd take two pics.  One for me and one for you.  haha.


    Went to some stores with him earlier today.  Before it's over, I reached for his bulge and he didn't flinch.  He also didn't grab his phone.  He did watch a bunch of Mariah Carey vids on youtube tho.


    We stopped at BKing and he started telling me about having anal with this one girl from a long time ago.  He only had to ask her once (means HE wanted it), and they did it 3 times.  I'm not sure about the 3 times thing, it kinda seemed like he was making that up cuz I asked him if they ever did it again after that first time.


    The reason he brought it up was because he said I prolly couldn't take his dick all the way, that I'd be in pain after the first 2 inches.  Said he was going to slam it all the way in me anyway.  Put some ketchup on his burger and then said "Hey, that's wat my meats gonna look like when I pull it outta your ass."


    He's flirting, but just barely. 


    I told him to take a pic of just the first 2 inches of his cock so I could see it and he says, "Oh, I'll show you."  And he says that like he really means he will show me his dick or take a pic of it.


    Remember, he's promised to show me his dick before.  When I mention it, he's like, Oh, I know, and I will... I promised, and I'll do it.



    Just before he gets in pickup to leave he hugs me... and after he sits in the driver seat I reach up his leg to his crotch and say, "Is this bulge your dick?"


    And he says, "No, thats my balls."  But he never seems like he wants to go farther....




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    July 29, 2013 12:27 AM PDT
    We agree on the pic one for one for me right? Ha's driving even me crazy cause he flirts with you.....almost waiting to see how far you will go or how much you really want it. He's bicurious totally....he's gotta be to allow you to touch and the whole shower thing. Most straight dudes are insecure or intimidated by gay dudes some are comfortable but most aren't. So he's gotta be either really comfy or he's teasing you and wants to play but is finding the right excuse on when or why it happened when it does....wish I was here to watch on the side I'm a bit of a freak lol I admit it though ;0)
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    July 29, 2013 10:47 PM PDT

    He just left a little bit ago ... no action tonight, haha.  He said somethin almost in passing about not calling me today at lunch because I was getting to ... then he waved his hands.  I asked him what he meant and he just laughed and said "nothing."  But I really don't know what he meant.


    So later on I go back and say "hey dude are you really like not calling me at times on purpose?" And he says not at all that he didn't mean anything bad by it, no hard feelings.


    I'm okay with him not calling me, but what I thought was weird was that he kinda pointed out that he made himself not call.  Don't know what to make of that, if anything.


    So I let it go, just dont like games.  Call if youre gonna, don't if youre not, but dont play games about it.  It's odd.


    I got my weights out and we was showing me some ways that he lifts, too.  He gave me a couple new routines, and while I was doing them he puts his hands on my chest, then back to make sure I'm tensing the right muscles.  So then I tell him, Here, let me see you do it, I'm going to watch your muscles tense.   So he grabs a coupla weights and looks at me and  says "You're gonna lift up my shirt, right?"




    And so I lift up his shirt, put my hands on his pecs and let him lift away. He turned around and I put my hands around his waist from the back like if I was gonna fuck him, but he keeps turning so my hands just follow around his underwear waistband.


    He's GOT to be confused ... Then he looks up Youtube vids of all these big hott guys lifting, then he's watching some booty bouncing chick a lil later.


    What I really think is that he is at least bi.  Prolly gay.  And I think there is something goin on in him that will not ever allow him to admit it --  I want him, he's got a body and I actually care for him anyways -- but I think if he got naked with me right now he wouldn't be able to deal with it and it would cost me some of our relationship.... that's what I think, anyways.


    Wish I knew...



    And ya, Rock, I'll remember the pic deal.  Msg me somehow and send me a cell # and I can show you his face.

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    July 30, 2013 7:00 PM PDT
    That's crazy dude...I really think he's afraidvofvself admitting to himself. He's probably fighting what he's curious about or......he wants to dab a little and get his feet wet just to feed his curiousity and then go on with what he sees as natural like when he makes efforts to look at chicks on video or chic pics. He really sounds like he's fighting with himself. He knows your a good guy and friend maybe considering not hurting you but maybe wanting to experiment with you to again...resolve his curious mind. He seems afraid to be labeled gay. Bi is a step closer to some people almost to guys that are cool so long as you still like chicks. I have those kind of friends that trip out on me cause I don't give the gay vibes. Even in the gay scene I get labeled straight so sometimes I'm not even looked at twice and comments are made like OH HE'S STRAIGHT, but yea my straight buddies get more accepting with the fact that I still admire the ladies. And then they gay up themselves and bring good looking dudes to my attention and ask if that's my's weird. My closest guy frnz don't do that they just act like whatever but yea M.I.T. I kinda think he's fighting his curiousity if he's allowing you to touch but not the actual thing in your hand. Guys that are comfortable with themselves don't usually allow that but idk it's self issues within him probably. You're like a comfort to him where it's okay to be himself even above the nice body and all he feels chill with you. Still though if I was in your position I'd be so hungry to just ravish him in my own selfish way and make efforts to see surely that he likes what I do to him. Then ! There's that fear within me that I wouldn't wanna jeopardize the friendship which I know you have thought about yet your lusting in complete just wanting him to submit and just allow it to happen. I feel you really I do....totally....I can almost imagine and taste it . Which is crazy.....crazy!
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    July 30, 2013 10:57 PM PDT

    You brought up something that I thought about before. How come he lets me touch his dick from the outside of his pants?


    It doesn't make sense.


    If I was gonna let you touch my dick from the outside, it's because I'm hoping you'd take off my pants.  And I wouldn't stop you. 


    If I wasn't gonna let you get me naked, if I wasn't wanting you to do something more, why would I let you touch my cock at all??  Outside jeans or not...???



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    July 30, 2013 11:03 PM PDT
    Exactly....if someone was to allow me to touch, my next move would be to unzip and go for it.! that's why I say he's probably curious yet fighting it too. Afraid to be labeled or.......denying his curiousity
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    July 30, 2013 11:04 PM PDT
    I sent you my# btw for his pic
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    July 31, 2013 10:42 PM PDT

    Rubbed his dick twice from the outside tonight.  Later I hugged him tight from the front, had my dick pushing into his. I know he felt it.


    It started raining a lil so he had to go -- but before he did I said "You arent stupid.  You know you and I got this thing."


    Him:  Yeah, that's cuz we're really close.  Really close.


    Me: I know.  But let me say that sometimes I think I might like you too much.  I'm a man too, but sometimes when you talk about girls I know you do it just to throw it in my face. (He nodded yes.) But I'll tell you honestly that sometimes I want you for myself.


    Him: I know, I know you better now and I know that you show me a lot of love, that you have a lot of feelings.  But its all good, I could stop liking this one girl tomorrow.


    Me: Okay, as long as you know.  (We start toward the door.)  Call me after you get home.


    He texts me when he gets home, then calls me when he gets out of the shower.  When I answer, he says "Hey Girl."


    We talk for a while (nothing important) and he tells me to call him back later.  I do, we both get tired, and now I'm on my way to bed.



    So now it's out there.  If he keeps on letting me touch his cock, he wants something.  No way around it.



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    July 31, 2013 10:46 PM PDT

    (Btw, when he said he could stop liking this one girl tomorrow, he didn't say it like he meant he was GONNA stop liking her.  Just that it was possible that someday he might wake up and not like her anymore.)  He's always saying crap like "you never know what's going to happen" and "I've been thru relationships before"


    Kinda tries to talk like he's got all the answers, know what I mean?  I guess we all do that sometimes, esp. when we dont know.

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    July 31, 2013 10:50 PM PDT
    Nice........communication has pushed it out in the open as to where playing the part isn't so obvious but a bit of a relief to feel somewhat bit of comfort to both you and it's just a matter of time. Where it may go? Who knows.....but all I gotta say is I LIKE....LOL as far as the clock touching, well unzip it slowly and just feel from the zipper or button fly in...excite it so he has no just other Han the 2 he may see fit....either pull away and quietly avoid again or let you go further......hmmmmm I'm visualizing it lol.....imagination is a gift
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    July 31, 2013 10:55 PM PDT
    Well if he leaves open doors like that..that does tend to confuse a mind....but if you can hang then don't take it so serious....let it fall where it falls. Hear it but don't. Sounds selfish but you get what you can out of it.....leave an open door for yourself too....he may just walk right through surprisingly and only cause you won him over. Just make sure you don't allow emotions drown you too fast. Cause you don't wanna be the one dwelling. He's a friend first remember? Take it from there
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    August 3, 2013 11:39 PM PDT

    Sounds like good advice. He came over today to help me in the yard. We were using mowers and weeders so couldn't hear each other, so he's making sign language (not real sign, just pointing and all that) to me.  He points to me, then makes the sign for "pussy."  Then he points to himself, makes the sign for huge penis.


    Then he points to himself ---  and makes the sign for sex (you know, the finger of one hand in the hole in the other hand) -- and then points to me.


    I had my cell in my pocket so I picked it up and texted him and said "I'm not the one who chickens out."


    He texts: Then how come you always cover your ass when i step behind.


    And I wrote: That's kinda true. Maybe if there was some alcohol involved.


    Him: You'll be in that bra and panties soon



    (He tells me that he's going to give me some X and when I wake up I will be sore and he's going to dress me in bra and panties.



    Explain all that......

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    August 6, 2013 12:21 AM PDT
    Lol next time he pulls up behind you in the pad....back up and rub against him and pull him in and see what he does
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    August 9, 2013 9:05 PM PDT

    In the room with a couple others yesterday.  They had their backs turned.  As he walked past me I reached down and rubbed his dick.  Kept walking, but I felt it.  He doesn't respond, just kinda looks at me.  I think he's worried that he might like it and I know he's worried that someone might see.


    He's outta town this weekend, so I'm boutta watch a movie on the floor.  Kinda tired, been some long (but good) days at work.


    So:  I really dont want to want him.  It'd be easier to be great friends if he wasnt so attractive.


    Ha ha.  Kno wat I mean??

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    August 9, 2013 9:24 PM PDT
    What about separating the 2 & having a beneficial fiend?
  • MIT
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    August 10, 2013 4:48 PM PDT

    haha, Great idea Rock.  Listen, if you can tell me how to searate the two in the same person, I'll give you a dollar.


    Ive never ever ever been able to have sex with someone I care about and keep it friendly.  I get all girly and stuck on the guy, and I reaaalllly dont like that.  Makes me a woman. And not in the good way.


    I should go across into Mexico and club there a bit.  We used to a few years ago, and it was fun.  Haven't been in a long time.  Mexico: Now there's a place with some hott dudes...!

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    August 11, 2013 6:03 AM PDT
    Omg dude now I'm stuck on stupid! Not to throw the subject off onto mine but remember the pic I sent you a few days ago with me the homie and his female friend? Well we've been going out a bit frequently more so. 4 some reason I get requested a lot by her. Tonight was a bit of a twist found myself stuck big time. We are in the car all 3 of us and she thought she had left her cell with her brother bk at the club. No lock password on it she begins to panic thinking that they'd go thru her cell and see the pics of my buddy naked when no ones suppose to know about them. So while she's searching for her phone to prevent fom his number moving up on her caller I'd she asks me to call her cell. So I do we are all laughing my buddy as his head down thinking they're gonna see his bare I call she's so buzzing it and her phone rings! It's in her back pocket and she rushes to get it. She pulls up the pick and asks if I wanna see it in front of him my buddy . I say nah it's cool and then I'm like yea why not?! He grabs the phone from her and glances and I take it out of his hands he doesn't hesitate to grab it back. So I'm looking and he's a bit embarrassed and my heart drops my mouth opens and I try to play it off but there he was never imagining that I'd ever see him in the buff but oh my Jesus he looked like .....just beautiful! I handed the phone back to her and said its cool bro you have a nice backside with all due respect she replies and says doesn't he?! But MIT omg I can't get the image outta my head I played it off like it wasn't a big deal but deep inside I just wanted to have my way with him. All I can see is his nakedness knowing we are like bros but still I just can't shake the image. I think he was a little bothered but laughed when he had to show him as he put his head down. But he would smile. I think he reacted like that more so cause he knows I'm gay. But it didn't help last wknd. When I was helping him move and he walks into the room shirtless with basketball shorts. And yea I did glance at the pkg too! Lol it's almost 6am and we got home a bit after 4am you bet your bottom dollar that I'm going to sleep with that naked image of him and make it my reality in my dreams... I'm just speechless and looking like a happy kid that just got a new toy....I'm just mesmerized no doubt!,,,good looking behind or just his body for that matter. Yumm! Just thought I'd let u know my nightbout
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    August 11, 2013 11:38 AM PDT

    ha ha, so you finally got a look!  Good for you.... now tell me did you get a look at the dick too?


    It sux, huh, when you finally see your guy friend naked and he's hott.  And he knows you want it.  And nothing happens?  Well add to that him playing wit you and then let me know what you'll do.



    Dude why not just go for him?  He knows you want it... and you already clubbin and drinkin anyway.  Ask him out on the dance floor and then grind him. 


    This is what I say:  If he knows youre gay and he shows off his body anyway, he's interested.


    Same for my dude, too.  He tells me he left the bathroom door open so I can come in while he's in the shower -- that ain't usual straight boy behavior.



    (Too bad we aint got any str8 boyz around this forum to ask....)



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    August 11, 2013 11:56 AM PDT
    Actually he doesn't know I want it. I don't really expose that part of me cause the majority of my homies are straight. They trip cause I'm not the stereotyped gay fella that most imagine as far as being femm. The guys always make it a point to call and include me in everything or if not expect religiously to plan out our kickbacks happy hours etc. anything that has to do with us going out together. Basically the crazy one fun to be around life of the party kinda homie. Including some of the guys girls or wives. They tend to joke dirty stuff and they touch playing around some are comfy enough to do it in front of their girls which the gilrsincourage it most of the time. But I always tell them in a joking matter that we can fuck around and the benefit to it is that I know who they've been with so that's a plus as far as being safe lol but if we were to ever relieve their curious minds they're gonna like it I promise but number one turning gay on me and they have to go back to their girls cause I don't want no falling in luv shit lol. We are homies with benefits kinda deal. Lol I roll solo. And they usually agree call me crazy and the hugs and messing around kisses come about. Gotta luv these fellas
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    August 11, 2013 12:02 PM PDT
    My buddy isn't though he knows and is comfortable he's a big time chic magnet....we've got a nickname for him cause of it. He knows I'm a good friend....the difference between your buddy is mine don't touch me not this particular one anyway. And he usually just laughs when the jokes start but he's never the one of the homies that touches. I've touched him by accident but that's it. He's joked about it but again that's it. Nothing further . I believe he forgets I'm gay sometimes. His 2 cousins like to touch though messing around but they're married and I'm cool with their wives. Buts it's only touching messing around. They're just comfortable with me. We all wrk with each other
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    August 12, 2013 10:40 PM PDT

    Too bad all the dudes arent gay.  Everyone on earth should be half gay and half straight.  Open up the dating pool...

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    August 12, 2013 10:50 PM PDT
    I know right? It would be a total big fuck house though lol
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    August 16, 2013 12:15 AM PDT

    So he comes over to get me to help him with drilling a hole in some steel.  I'm on my knees on the dirt, leaning into the drill (half inch) and I say I should have more weight behind me ...   Just a comment.


    Next thing I know, he's bent over me from behind, pushing into my back with his chest, helping me lean....  he has his arms around me, kinda just hugging and leaning forward.  The whole time I have a drill in my hand.  I stop drilling and say, OMG when this happened in my dream, we were both NAKED!  He laughs and says, Ya and I bet you wake up sore.


    Thats his comeback when he aint got nothin else.


    But there for a minute, it was hot. 


    And... is it just me, or can you kinda tell by the way someone touches you, even if it's in public, like they touch your arm or leg or something... can you tell if it's a little sexual?  I swear I can tell a difference, and when he got behind me, there was something there besides his trying to "help" me lean into a drill.  Cuz you can't really help someone lean into a drill to begin with...

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    August 16, 2013 11:39 PM PDT

    I met him at the gym tonight.  We work out together, and we both go home to shower.  He comes by later in pajamas.


    He came in the bathroom cuz I was just getting dressed from the shower -- and I reached for his dick.  He stepped back and covered his penis after I felt it for a second, and I said "OOh, little unsure or what?"


    He says "Its more vulnerable in pajamas."


    He moves away so I cant really reach his dick, so I let it go.  Then he comes back in there and starts cleaning up his eyebrows.  Then he cleans up mine, too.


    And he's wearing a muscle shirt.


    We ate a little, then he had to get home.  He's coming back tomorrow to help outside in the yard.  I'm hoping we can both take off our shirts, but he wont cuz he hates getting dark.