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Michael in Tucson

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    August 17, 2013 3:37 AM PDT
    I would have just pulled his jams down....maybe it's the alcohol talking I don't know lol just got home fom being out ended up in one spot about 20 min. Way then decided to meet up local with other friends....and I will homie the one I saw nude....I took pics of him while at he bar inside the bathroom while his girl locked themselves in the stall. Yes the guys bathroom! Lol unfortunately it came out blurred :0( but I kept imagining him naked. Day ummm turns out she's cool but she gets a little jealous if I jokingly compliment my homie....we just laugh it off though. But I do find myself sy...relax bitch,
  • MIT
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    August 19, 2013 6:09 PM PDT

    Maybe you shoulda just crawled up in that bathroom stall with em.  Get enough dick in a small space and its gonna get in a hole somewhere.  haha.


    Well, you know that I saw my boy naked.  Not for long, but it didn't take long for me to say... DAYUMMMM.  He's fine, now I just want him more.  haha.


    He has a perfect chest.  He had me get the hair off him from when I cut his hair.  He had his shirt off so he got hair on him.  He knows I like his back -- and he knows I like his butt.  I'm pretty sure he's showing it to me on purpose.


    Like I said, he's been kinda friendly the past few days.  Kinda touching me. Not that I mind, its just that I'm usually the one touching him.  When he lifted off my shirt to check for ants, I really thought it was pretty obvious that he didn't have to take my shirt up around my neck.  And he didn't need to rub my nipples to check for ants.  But hey, like I said, I aint complaining.



    He jus called me (makes like 3 times today, maybe 4) to see if I wanted to meet him at gym.  I was gonna, but he's gonna take a cousin that I really can do without, so maybe I'll skip it.  Do my little workout at home.


    I know what workout I'd LIKE to do at home .. haha 


    And hey, Rock, you remember that date I told you about that I was goin on last week?  Well guess who got STOOD the f-word UP...???  lol

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    August 20, 2013 10:55 PM PDT
    Awe for reals?!tat sucks why even plan if people are gonna pull that shit. As far as my boy well we went out again and his girl too. She's just a friend with benefits. I find her getting a little jealous with me if I start playing sexual jokes with him. But thing is she luvs me around! It's the alcohol I think I don't know lol. Anyhow we ended bar hopping from one to another this past Friday. And our last stop was as usual wherever we go we run into more friends without effort. Last call came around and we rushed to the bar from the dance floor all sweated up and all. Next thing we knew it was time to exit. So restroom call and we head that way. She ends up going in the mens room with us and straight into the stall with him. I almost followed but stayed back. But I got perverted and pulled out my phone snapping pics as they laughed and me looking back cause we were bound to get busted for her being in there with us. Anyhow I came one angle too day umm short. So disappointed almost had a glimpse of his package had I cocked the camera a bit more. We both woke up the next day and wounded up meeting up with his cousin also my friend and us three guys went to San Pedro's port o call by the ocean to have some infamous seafood cocktails and seviche tostadas. I then showed him the pic a bit skeptic wasn't sure his reaction and he laughs asking me to send it to him. That was a pleaser. U bet my buzzed ass after taking that picture of him did I hury up and check it but was SO disappointed! Well that was my night. And just chilled at the pad on Sunday. When u finally get some pics of your pretty boy don't hesitate to fwd. them over lol
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    August 21, 2013 8:04 PM PDT

    Next time he showers here and leaves the door open I'ma take in my camera on a TRIPOD.  lol


    Dude, I just. cant. tell. if this boy is gay or not.  All signs say yes except he talks to this girl (they are Internet friends, don't even live in the same town, she's like 2 hours from here) on the phone and he looks up chicks on Youtube.



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    August 22, 2013 1:43 AM PDT
    2hrs. Away....far enough not to know his business.and yes take the tripod in there and had that body of his! Can't wait to see!
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    August 22, 2013 11:22 PM PDT

    He came over tonight.  Called me after work and I asked him if he was coming by.  I will if you want me to."


    He was all cleaned up and dressed in his goin out clothes but he kicked it here with me. Hott hott, I'm tellin ya.  He's been a lil weird this week, not sure how to say it.  Kinda making me call him first, not as quick to text back as he usually is. 


    I'm thinking he is trying to act like it don't matter who calls him or who texts him.  He's funny like that, acts like he doesn't care about anything or anyone.  Sometimes even says that it don't matter if people just fall out of his life.


    I don't think he feels that way, but he tries to act like it sometimes.  But then he's at my house with me every day, when I know he could be almost anywhere else.


    And he's still texting that chick.  Either he likes her or he likes that he has a real "she" to refer to...



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    August 24, 2013 12:57 AM PDT

    Don't kno, Rock.  Maybe he is confused.  He sure sounds like it.


    Came over tonight... sang karaoke.  We had a lil serious conversation while waitin on the PS3 to do it's thing.  I told him he was kinda important to me, told him he wasn't stupid, that he knew I had some feelings for him.


    He said he knew, but said he might one day leave and go off for a life of his own, try living in another place.


    It wasn't the most comfortable conversation I ever had, but not bad.  Jus sitting on couch kinda talking.  He did say two or three things that contradict each other.  Who knows.


    I would just enjoy him while he's here except for I think I have these FEEEELINGS for him.  Wish I could turn 'em off.  That's the only time I'm much of a girl, when I get those love love feelings.


    Psh.  Tell me how to get over that, please.

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    August 25, 2013 12:45 AM PDT

    Rock, why arent your answers showing up right here?


    Of course you are right.  You will be happy to know that I've chilled out, decided to just let it be.  Whatever happens happens and if there is sex in the process, all the more better.  In my insides, I know this dude likes me.  And that's enough, at least for now.


    So I didn't call, didnt text.  Guess who did.  Texted me when he got up, invited me to ride with him shopping.  I told him I couldn't, but couldve if he called earlier.  Too bad.


    So he ends up not going cuz I didn't go.  Comes over to my place later, starts talking about clothes "outfits" he calls them, and he starts matching which shirts i should wear with which jeans.  All hanging them up in my closet the way he wants me to wear them.


    I kept coming in and out of my bedroom, he had clothes all over my bed.  He says "we need to buy you more jeans" and I say Hold Up and I go get 5 or 6 new pair from another closet.  He's matching clothes, matching clothes.  (He does a good job at that, so I don't mind.)


    One of the times I walk back in, he says "Im not sure how this will look, try it on."  So he hands me a shirt and I put it on.  "Put on the jeans, too."  So I take off my jeans, and put on the others.   There's a coupla mirrors in my bedroom, and he caught a look at my while I was in my boxers. I saw it happen.


    Then he says, "That t-shirt you have under has to go.  I always hated that t-shirt."


    So I'm changing clothes ad finally say I'm gonna go shower.  I leave the door open (I always do, even if I'm home alone, I don't like the fog in the bathroom!), Just as I'm getting out of the shower, slide open the shower door, put one foot on the mat, guess who walks in the bathroom.  Yep.  He looks then turns around, says "HEY!" really loud like if he's gonna scare me.


    He had to be watching me shower and had to be watching me get ready to step out.  No way was that coincidence.


    We do end up going shopping, I tried one of his "outfits."  Actually looked pretty good.  I forgot a belt and I was wearing sagger jeans, so he says, "Here man, take my belt."  So I'm wearing his belt to hold up my pants.


    All night he's calling me girl this, woman that, the dick between my legs is "mine in your ass."


    A little touching but nothing on the dick.  I took a leak outside when we got home and he went out too... but stood far enough away so we couldn't see each others dicks.


    Go figure.  I decide to stay away for a bit and guess who doesn't like it.  He's been with me for over 8 hours today. 


    And that girl he's been talking to?  She's right up the road and he has 3 days off.  He's not gone to go see her yet.


    Anyways.  Long story, I just got in and I'm winding down. haha.


    How is your weekend???

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    August 25, 2013 1:48 AM PDT
    Idk why my replies aren't showing. Hopefully this one will. U see the more you show no interest the more he sticks like glue. You're his comfort it seems. Just let it ride. As you have been doing. He may or may not make the first move. Have you ever kissed him on the cheek at all? Try that or on his head and see what kinda reaction you get. If he asks y just be simple about it. Just because tell him.
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    August 25, 2013 10:53 PM PDT

    Ha ha.  Nice idea.  Kiss on the cheek.


    I kiss him on the top of his head when he is sitting down.  His hair always smells good, so I hold his head still and stick my nose and mouth on the top of his head.  He doesn't mind.


    We took a ride to get some more shirts and I also bought some new warm ups (pants). The whole time we are gone he's calling me his woman, I tell him to suck it.  He says "Suck your lips??" Stuff like that.  He does that a lot when he's playing (flirting?) with me.  I dropped a pen in the car and when I leaned over to get it he says the other cars are gonna think I'm giving him head.  When he was parking the car, someone stepped in front of him, I said "omg you should ram them."  He said if he rammed me I would be sore.


    When we got back to my place he says "I wanna try this on again but this time in front of a good mirror."  He was in my bedroom, I have one in there.  So he takes off his shirt AGAIN... tries two shirts on.  Finally says he likes the other one and puts the first on on again.  He's got his shirt off a lot in my bedroom over the last two days.


    Then he hands me one of the shirts he bought and says "i don't like this one, you can have it. Try it on."


    So I try it on.  Take off my shirt.  Put on his.  He comes over to feel my shoulders, tells me it fits good.  Then tells me I should try on my warmups.  I tell him that I know warmups will fit, and he says I should try them on anyway.  So I take off my pants, I'm wearing kinda tight boxer briefs, and I know he notices.  I can see him look, but he doesn't change his face or anything.  Just looks.


    We ain't got any more clothes to try on and I need to shower, so I go to the bathroom, leave door open, do my thing.  When I get out, he's on the computer looking up videos of Ciara and says six times that she's hot.


    So I'm letting it ride.   Not getting all hooked up and involved.  Been waiting for him to call, for him to text.  Will see what happens.  He's already told me he will be at my house the next two days, and he's already made plans with me for Friday.


    So far, they haven't been naked plans.  Haha.


    And you never finished telling me about your weekend.

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    August 26, 2013 1:03 AM PDT
    Well sounds like he's got something up his sleeve if he's been wanting to be around you so much more frequent than usual. Idk man I really don't know what to think. I do think he's a bit curious. But as far as anything more? Who knows. I'd just go for it and surprise him lol. All he can do is push you away right? Start of with play then just act like whatever and take it lol. As far as my wknd. Well nothing big. Laid low this wknd. Had to pay bills and mortgage. So it was a bit tight these past couple days. Besides I'm saving my pennies for my lil bday shindig in a couple weeks that I'm throwing at a restaurant bar nightclub at night over in Long Beach. I know the manager and he's kind of hooking me up on my guest entrances FREE, And bottle service too. Well one Bottle anyway which saves me 150 to 300 bucks depending on choice of liquor. So far I've got 25 FB people showing not counting outside of FB friends. And friends of friends too. But we will see. Nothing exciting this weekend though. But the highlight was being DAD I had my boys and cooked for them which I no longer do too often anymore for myself anyway.
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    August 27, 2013 10:16 PM PDT

    Sounds like a huge party you throwin... lots of fun.  You gonna invite your hott friend from the bathroom stall...??? haha

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    August 29, 2013 6:19 PM PDT

    My boi has called 3 times today.  He acts like he doesn't remember to text, then calls me 3 times just to talk.  He's goin out of town for the weekend with his family -- already said he wants to spend tomorrow with me before he goes. 


    So that's good.


    He's coming over later, I hope he gets naked.  Ha, ha.  But he won't.  I think he's bragged about his big dick so much that now he's afraid it won't be all that. 


    This is a hott young man.  He always has girls after him.  If he wanted girls, he could have any number of them. 


    I'm still wondering wats goin on in his head. And I'm gonna reach for his dick sometime tonight



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    September 2, 2013 10:10 AM PDT
    Yea in reply to my buddie he will be of my main people anyway...I've got about 62 for people showing up and some that are adding to the list. I had to request another v.i.p. space for myself and another for a gf that will celebrating her bday as well
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    September 2, 2013 10:14 AM PDT
    So did u ever reach for his package? Sorry for the delayed reply just been back and forth with my boy back in school that I'm running around and get home late sometimes and just knock out. As far as him and Chics well yea he should have been having them in the palm of his hands already and you wouldn't be an option. But you are so he's just confused I think...afraid
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    September 2, 2013 7:49 PM PDT

    I been runnin round too, and I ain't even got kids!




    My boi's been out of town, hasn't called or texted much.  I texted him yesterday and he said "call me now."  So we talked.  He went out drinking and all, told me all about it.  Also said he met up with that chick he's been texting, but only for 15 minutes at a Walmart.  They were both in Phoenix. 


    He lied to me about some stupid little shit and I called him out on it.  He HATES that.  And I HATE liars.  Esp. when you don't have to lie to me.  He makes up these little stories that are completely unbelievable, then gets surprised (and pissed) when I don't believe him.  Then someone comes along and says something completely the opposite of what he told me and I ask him later what the hell...   Oh well.  The good thing is that he gets pissed, but then he gets over it.  I dont get over it as easy.  I told him this last time that every little time he lies to me it adds some poison... and then he doesn't talk to me for a while like if I'm the one that's wrong.


    Don't like that.


    But he called today, on his way back.  He's suposed to text me when he gets back home, I won't see him tonight, it will be too late, both for me and for him.  I've gone wit him to Phx before and I know he never gets any sleep there.


    I reached for his package the last time, gave it a rub.  Next time he showers at my place, if he leaves the door open again I'ma walk in and have a seat on the toilet and just start up a conversation with him.  Maybe take his underwear.  Haha.


    I was thinking earlier.... Do I want his dick in my mouth or my dick in his??



    And whats up with the party...??? Cmon, details.

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    September 3, 2013 11:29 PM PDT
    Up to u who's dick goes where. But I think he'd want YUR mouth around his dip stick lol. As far as the party my guest list is growing and a bit overwhelmed by it. The count has risen to about 90 people. I don't know how word of mouth came to but it did. The biggest high is the majority of these people are all straight. Maybe a handful of gay people. Majority of the straight people know about me and the others are confused lol but they're making them selves worthy of being at my shindig. Me and my buddy and our two gfrnz went to the restaurant to have taco Tuesday and to go check out my V.I.P. RESERVED SPOTS. it was a go with everyone else. So that took a bit of a weight off my shoulders. The managers hooking me up with 3reserved spots all good size too. Next to the DJ. Funny part as I was sitting down at the spot drinking my tamarind margarita bomb! My ex wife's sister texts me asking me if anything has changed for this Friday night. Surprised she was making herself available to come so that's where the heads are rising in count. Back to the evening we had a good time had a few drinks and went across the way to a place called. Taco Beach and had a couple more drinks there and some fish tacos. Closed out the night kissed my girls bye and hugged my cute homie and we went our ways. Now I'm cleaning cause I'm having my Phoenix people coming in this Friday for my bday and the following wknd. I'm having family from Reno Nevada come in for my nieces quincenera sat the 14 th of this month. So I'll be kind of a hotel stay in a way for outta town fambam cause my sister with the party can't accommodate them. Not looking fwd to cleaning. A snap of the fingers would be so good and useful right now if magic could work like that lol.
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    September 8, 2013 12:56 AM PDT

    If it ever happens, he will want to be satisfied first.  Whether or not he would want any more than that is still up in the air.


    I been coolin it a lil with the whole touchy-feely thing and with getting all involved with my feelings.  I'm surprised how much I depend on him being around all the time, just for company.  Been calling up some ol' frenz (haha) and hitting them up instead.  Don't think loverboy likes it all that much.


    He spent the morning with me (I was at his house), then he came to mine tonight.  We went shopping (walmart for dogfood if that counts) and me made a few comments about me being the woman again. 


    He's not done flirting with me --- and his family invited me to hang tomorrow morning but it's late so I think I'll skip it.  It will be good for him... haha


    Hey, Rock.  How was the party?  Details, details.  Who got sung to, who got drunk, who got naked???


    Hope it's all you.

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    September 9, 2013 4:51 AM PDT

    So sorry to snoop and intrude on your convesation....

    However I feel as though I'm in the same perdicament as you  MIT, however I've gone way farther than you... but.... it's the agonizing pain of wanting a guy I simply can't understand... and a majority of the time... I can see right through a guy... know what makes them tick.. know what it is they want from me... but not this guy...


    The guy I'm talking about has already gone the distance with me... and though I want more... I'm not sure where he stands... whether he was just curious..  or if there is something more to it.. I only hear from him sparingly, at his convenience... usually on his pay days... (every two weeks) and he mostly wants to hook up... 


    However this is where it gets twisted.. Instead of the straight forward fuck... he constantly tells me how much he misses me.. and that he likes me... and treats me like his "girlfriend"... He knows where I stand with him.. and knows I have deep feelings... (He's been my crush since high school) and well, I've known him since I was 5... but knowing all this he still treats me like that.. but then disappears... and he tends to have to drink when he's with me...


    I"m past the hopeless romantic stage... but I wish I had some clarity.. These "straight" guys confuse the hell out of me... but I can't help but be attracted to them.. esp because they're something I "can't have"... I guess I love the chase... 

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    September 9, 2013 6:52 PM PDT

    Hey, Link, welcome to the convo.  haha


    Have you ever asked him how come he misses you when he could be with you?  Is there a girl involved?  A wife an kids maybe??  haha 


    At least you are past the romantic stage.  That should help with the feelings.  But what do you mean you have gone the distance...?


    Sex?  Fuck?  BJ?  Does he kiss you, tongue and all?    (I read once that when this one guy wanted to get picked up at a gay bar, he would make the guy tongue kiss him before he left the bar with him.  It was his way of telling if the guy was really into dudes or if it was just someone pretending to be gay so they could get someone outside and beat the fuck out of 'em for being a fag.  Made a lot of sense to me.)


    There used to be this show on tv (I saw it on Netflix) called Noah's Arc.  Hot ass black dudes, Noah and
    Wade.  Anyways, Noah was in the same situation at you -- in love with a half curious and half available (hott) Wade.  Noah asks his frenz how to tell if Wade was into him; they said "Kiss him.  It's in the kiss."


    And I think that's prolly true.  Man I wish my boi would plant his lips on mine, haha.


    Speaking of, I skipped the gym today, guess who jus called lookin for me.  It's like the less I chase him the more he chases me.


    Games.... Psh.

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    September 9, 2013 8:14 PM PDT
    M.i.t. party was overwhelmingly a success. Too many people unexpectedly showed the ones who never replied but ended up with me. my son got in successfully had a blast all around. There were 5 gay peeps there 3 guys 2 girls yet by the end of the night the straight guys were dry humping each other and the wives said only at rockys party lol! I was not responsible for there gayness at all! One min. They're straight the next it was raining skittles and everyone was tasting the rainbow as I sat back and also made my rounds to say hello and mingle with almost half the bar. Head count was well over what I thought so it was a blast. Only down fall was a couple friends who made other arrangements and I later found out about it and it turned out a little ugly. But I now see where I stood as a friend to them after 15yrs. So it was what it was I guess. Uhh my boy Felipe ended up offering his but to me in a joking way when he stood with his two cousins and I was like don't tempt me lol.....we all had good laughs my ear was fucked by god knows how many straight married tongues lol as there wives stood to take the picture lol. How cool and hilarious is that?! Went to Denny's at the closing of the bar we were at. Btw way bottle service was off the hook! I was beyond pleased! Anyhow we landed at Denny's around two ish and guys at our table decide to pull a prank on me and do the whole happy birthday song. I was embarrassed had my head down busting up wishing it would end and I look up and realize its just not our table that's singing its the entire Denny's guests and the Denny's crew. But hold up! That's not just it! Then about 20min past the brownie and ice cream came out with a guy at our table mentions the birthday song.....there went the whole Denny's choir again......the table behind the other side of me had a cute guy there......I had to behave cause of my sis in law and son being there otherwise I woulda been tryna pick up lol but we made eye contact and smiled.......then again they said let's sing happy went on for the fourth time and I was just like wow embarrassed and the Denny's was just so loud and I got a standing ovation at the end. A bunch of happy bday s from people I didn't know and we got up and went home. Arrived about 5ish my nephew had driven out from Phoenix as well and they were up waiting on me so I didn't knock out til about 7am or close to anyway. It was hangout night that Saturday and then Santa Monica pier and Venice on Sunday with all my Phoenix family. It was a blast and a birthday I will never forget.
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    September 9, 2013 8:18 PM PDT

    He's had a girlfriend since high school.. They were together for almost 10 years... Have a daughter together... He's an extremely handsome guy... Nice body... Very macho.. and well he is a romantic type.. reason he was with his girl for so long... It took almost a year and a half to finally meet up with him... and when we did.... we went all out... Kiss (tongue) sucked him up... and then he fucked me... and well came inside... I couldn't control myself... no wait... I didn't want to control myself... He's my main high school crush... How could I not... 


    According to him, of course... I am his first and only... All his friends are typical straight guys and his family is pretty tough... so I know it's possibly a play on his mind... He likes it, but doesn't feel comfortable with it.. I get it... well yea I think I do... But when I'm with him there is no doubt that I can drop any other guy and happily spend the rest of my life with him... assuming of course he is finally comfortable in his skin... 


    Maybe he is just really heartbroken... and well I kinda did come to the rescue.. the girl cheated on him on Valentine's day... and he was really in love with her... Maybe one day... but til then.. I least I have the hidden video! :) haha 

  • MIT
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    September 10, 2013 11:19 PM PDT

    ROCKKKK!  Congrats, I'm way glad for you that it went well.  More soon, I gotta run.  Will tex you too, maybe tomorrow.



    Link::::  Many questions for you, my man, but no time right now.  But I gotta say this.  Ummm, did you say video???  haha.  Share.  (and you do know that it could take this guy a lifetime to get comfortable in his gay skin, if that's what he has.  Obviously, he has something.)

  • MIT
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    September 18, 2013 8:08 PM PDT

    Okay, he's touching my cock again.  On the DL when other ppl are around but not looking. So I can't do anything back.



  • MIT
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    September 21, 2013 8:46 AM PDT

    He came over yesterday.  Hung around looking good while I did the yard.  He keeps callin me girl, like when he calls and I answer the fone he say, "Hey Girl, what you doin?"  That's the way he starts to flirt.  But he backs off still, like he wants it but is afraid to.


    I kinda backed off him a lil, not calling or going to his house.  He's been to mine a lot this week.  Once when he was here I got in the shower and out of habit I locked the bathroom door.  He tried to come in while I was in shower, I heard him try the door but it was locked...!  And dang, I almost always leave the door open when I shower, but I din't that time.  Funny that he tried to come in and see me in the shower but I had him locked out. haha


    He's been saying today that he's gonna go see this girl.  Then yesterday he said he wasn't sure he was going.  I betcha a dollar he don't go.  Will update later tho...



    Wat's goin on with anyone else???  And I guess I gotta tex Rock and make sure he dint party himself away...